Squash – hitting ball sport

Squash is a throwback sport. It can be practiced with two or four players. The squash court serves as the place of practice. The ball should be hit so that it is not reached by the opponent before it touches the ground for the second time.

Squash comes from the British Isles

Around 1850, the sport originated in England and shortly thereafter spread around the globe in the British dominion. The sport came to Germany in the 1920s. Siemens built the first German squash court in Berlin shortly after 1930. It was not until after 1970 that ball sports became really popular in the Federal Republic. Numerous commercially operated squash centers were opened and the number grew steadily until the beginning of the 21st century. However, the sport has not yet become an Olympic discipline. But maybe that will change in the future.

The venue is the Court

The court, a space bounded by four walls, is the playing area of squash. The floors are often covered with parquet. The most commonly used black ball is made of rubber, is hollow and contains a small amount of liquid gas. Special squash rackets are used to hit the ball. The aim of the sport is to control the ball in such a way that the opponent cannot take it over before it touches the ground for the second time.

Equipment materials and places of practice of the sport

Numerous sports centers, but also clubs offer the possibility to practice squash in Germany. In principle, this is possible in any major city. The sport can be played in normal sportswear, but squash clothes are better. It is tailored to the requirements of the game. A breathable shoe with a grippy sole and squash racket should not be missing. So is the squash ball, but it is usually available at the training facilities.

Stress on the whole body

Squash consumes a lot of energy, because the whole body is used. However, this can easily put extra strain on joints and muscles. Appropriate warming up is a basic requirement to be able to practice the sport well. The player must be able to react quickly and be able to coordinate his movements accordingly.



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