Dancing – playful calorie reduction

Dancing is very popular and finds very many different expressions. In discos, clubs, events and also in professional competitions enthusiasts can show what they can do. The movements performed in the process are strenuous and take a toll on the body.

Dancing in history

Indian cave paintings are considered to be the oldest representation of dances, which are attributed to a period of origin from 5000 to 2000 BC. In ancient Egypt, too, there are such images accompanying the death and rebirth of the god Osiris. In ancient Greece, dances were components of many rites, such as the Dionysia, ceremonially very elaborate and with strong religious content. The movement patterns of these representations were so complex that professional participants were needed.

What there are dances

As many cultures and nations there are, as versatile it can be danced. Many regions have produced folkloric movements, as well as there are international and very popular dance styles that everyone has actually heard of. African dances are largely original war dances, which were intended to train skills in combat and even today have a rather martial look. Asian peculiarities are usually particularly delicate, combined with particularly intense expressions. Internationally, South American dances in particular have become popular, such as the cha-cha-cha, salsa, samba or zumba. German-language traditions such as the Schuhplattler are almost extinct. The Viennese Waltz, however, is extraordinarily sophisticated and appreciated as a great event at balls worldwide. This list shows some data:

What is needed to start

Not much is needed for dancing at first. Most of the time it turns out to be necessary to attend professional dance classes in order to learn the basics and the movement patterns from a competent dancer. Such instructional content is now offered in most gyms, and also in night schools. To match the atmosphere of special dance clubs, advanced participants put on traditional clothes, as well as accessories such as fans.

How to lose weight

Dancing is very movement-intensive, so it can easily cause a calorie deficit and thus reduce body fat. Since the movement patterns are very complex, a professional introduction should be anticipated.



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