Ergometer: computer-assisted training

Many sports exercises designed to burn fat are generalized and not suitable for everyone. In order to work out an optimal exercise workload, it is necessary to measure the body’s functions under load conditions – this is exactly what an ergometer does.

From the medical laboratories to the gyms

Stress tests of the human body can be performed on an ergometer. In the past, these devices were only found in doctors’ offices and clinics, for example to test the heart function of sick patients. The first models were developed in this country at the end of the 19th century. Nowadays, ergometers can also be found in gyms and even in some households. Measuring body functions during training increases the comparability of different training sessions and helps to find the optimal conditions for effective fat burning.

The bicycle ergometer

One of the best known ergometers is the bicycle ergometer. A special model of bicycle ergometers is the spin bike, which features a large flywheel. The generated moment of inertia of the disc provides a realistic driving experience. Resistors of cheaper bicycle ergometers work with mechanical brakes. The mid-range models of bicycle ergometers are equipped with an electric brake.

The treadmill ergometer

Another well-known model of ergometers is the treadmill. This is mainly found in laboratories and medical facilities. NASA also tests the fitness of its astronauts primarily on treadmill ergometers. A good treadmill should have a fall-stop safety device, especially if speeds of more than 20 km/h are possible. Special treadmills for bikes can even simulate speeds of up to 80 km/h.

The right training program on the ergometer

The fitness equipment is particularly suitable for sports professionals or people with health problems, because risk areas can be quickly identified during training. Some training programs are more for muscle building, others more for conditioning. Thanks to a combination with the appropriate PC software, the training program can be customized on some devices.



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