Handball: fat killer and recreational fun

Handball is a team sport played in a hall. The principle of the game is particularly simple and very similar to that of soccer. However, the demand on skill is lower, as the ball is held, passed and thrown into the goal with the hand.

Handball as an alternative to soccer

The modern game of handball was developed at the end of October 1917 by a Berlin head gymnastics coach for women or girls, because physical sports such as soccer seemed too dangerous to him. Thanks to the evolution of the sport and decades of emancipation history, handball today is no longer just soccer for women. The German Handball League is considered the strongest in the world, as the sport is generally very popular in this country. Therefore, almost everywhere you can find numerous handball clubs that run the sport for recreational players at an amateur or semi-professional level.

A mixture of basketball and soccer

As in soccer, handball has two goals, one goalkeeper and several field players per team, regularly six. In addition, up to seven other players can stand by on the bench and be substituted out and in at will. In amateur sports there are numerous modifications of the rules, for example when there are too few players. In official games, the ball may be touched by field players with all parts of the body above the knee (including the knee), the goalkeeper may use all parts of the body. Furthermore, players with the ball must dribble – similar to basketball.

A widespread sport

The rules of the sport are more complex than those of soccer, but the overall pace of play is faster. Handball is a very popular team sport, especially among girls. As a children’s sport, however, handball is suitable for both girls and boys because, for example, the risk of injury is lower than in soccer. Another advantage is that indoor sports can be practiced virtually regardless of the weather.

A very intense sport

The fast changes of direction and the distances covered in the hall promote endurance and leg muscles. Throwing movements also work the arm muscles, but care should be taken not to strain only one arm. Playing as a team is very motivating and provides a bond with the sport.



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