Table tennis: coordination and fitness

You can play table tennis only in pairs or in a group. It’s fun to hit the ball over the net and hit the ball from your opponent. The sport is not particularly physically demanding, it stimulates the cardiovascular system, builds leg and arm muscles and promotes coordination.

Table tennis comes from Great Britain

There are two views about the origins of this sport. Some claim that the beginning was in India at the end of the 19th century and came from there to Great Britain. Others argue that it was invented in England. In any case, the first rules of table tennis came from an English engineer, James Gibb, who published them in 1875.

At least two players are required

For the sport, each player needs an opponent, a table tennis table, bats and a ball. Stone table tennis tables are often found in parks, which you can use free of charge. Equipped with rackets, ball and preferably light footwear, the sport can start. The beginner throws the ball at least 16 centimeters in the air and then hits it over the net. The opponent must hit it back with the bat.

Getting the ball over the net

The ball should not touch the net and should bounce once on the marked area and then be hit back by the opponent. If it does not hit the marked area, but hits the ground, this is considered a demerit point. Likewise when it hits on its own side. A mistake gives one point for the counterpart. Played until one has eleven points and at least a two-point lead, then a set is over. You can play as long as you want, except in a tournament. Here are three sets to win to become the winner. Table tennis can also be played in a group. In the process, players run around the board and must always hit a ball back. Of course, this is more strenuous, but it promotes endurance and fitness.

Table tennis does not require special equipment

The sport can be practiced in a club, then there is always a teammate. In addition to a racket and balls, lightweight, non-slip shoes are beneficial. With table tennis you promote the cardiovascular system, leg and arm muscles are built and coordination is promoted. It is suitable for anyone who enjoys it and is not too overweight.



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