Basketball: Become slim while playing

Basketball is a popular ball sport that is usually played indoors or outdoors. Two teams fight for victory according to certain rules. If you like to move and do sports together with others, you will definitely find fun in this sport.

How long has basketball existed?

In 1891, Canadian coach James Naismith invented this ball sport. Just one year later, the first official basketball game was held in the US city of Springfield. Women’s basketball has been popular in the United States since 1893. Meanwhile, this sport is practiced worldwide, and every four years the men’s and women’s basketball world championships are held, respectively.

Special features for the course of the game

Each of the two teams includes 5 field players and a maximum of 7 substitutes. The ball must be thrown into one of the baskets, which are placed at a height of 3.05 meters at both ends of the field. The winner is the team with the highest score.

The game depends on quick reactions, team spirit and marksmanship. The rules of the game are set. Meanwhile, there are several variants of the game of basketball, such as streetball, wheelchair and beach basketball. Warming up before the workout is important to make all muscles supple.

What is necessary for the game?

Basketball can be played indoors or outdoors, but playing outdoors is very dependent on the time of day and season. Most often, athletes join a club. The costs result from the membership fee for the respective sports club, the corresponding shoes and clothing.

With basketball to the optimal weight

In this sport, almost all muscles or muscle groups are used. Depending on the individual body weight and the training time, the calorie consumption can be very high. The strain on the spine and joints should not be underestimated. Injuries to the ankle, finger and knee joints may occur.

Certain groups of people, e.g. with diseases of the bone and joint system or with cardiovascular diseases, should rather engage in other sports. Elderly persons are advised to consult their family doctor in advance.



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