Pilates: a systematic whole body workout

Pilates is a training method for the whole body, in which mainly the muscles are addressed. The exercises focus on abdominal, pelvic floor and back muscles. It is important that the muscles should be controlled with the help of the mind.

The invention of a body trainer

Joseph Hubertus Pilates enjoyed moving from a very early age. Born in Mönchengladbach in 1883, he soon developed a strong awareness of his body. While interned in Great Britain during World War I, he developed the ideas of a total body workout. In the 1920s he worked in Germany with important representatives of the theory of movement. In 1923 he emigrated to the USA and further developed his method called “Contrology”. In the 1960s, many dancers from New York participated in these courses, so the method became known to a wide public. Over the past few decades, his method of exercise has become a trend in the wellness movement as Pilates. It is also offered by numerous fitness studios in Germany.

Important basics of the exercises

Pilates primarily addresses the muscles that are supposed to provide healthy posture. For this, the exercises include stretching, conscious breathing and strength training. A professional introduction to the method is of great importance, because without it posture and movement errors could possibly be formed. All exercises are based on training the muscles of the body center around the spine. The supporting muscles are also known as the “powerhouse”. The movements are slow and flowing, the breathing is trained.

Principles of Pilates – Method

The controlled execution of the exercises is important. They must be performed with concentration, as mind and body must be in harmony. This includes breathing, which counteracts tension and strengthens body control. The smooth transition in all movements does not allow interruptions.

Positive effect on the whole body

Pilates is suitable for all people, as the exercises are easy to perform under guidance and do not put too much strain on the body. It has been medically proven that Pilates has a positive effect especially on the lower back. The exercises can significantly support a weight loss project, as they gently burn over 400 calories per hour.



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