Kickboxing – a fast sport for men and women

In kickboxing it is allowed to strike with hands and feet. Low blows are taboo. This requires great body control. The rules vary from continent to continent, from country to country, and from school to school. Sports psychologists emphasize the aggression-reducing effect of kickboxing.

Kickboxing as a martial art

In 1974, representatives of the world sports associations WAKO and WKA combined the sport of All Style Karate, also called Contact Karate or Sport Karate, together with Taekwondo, Karate and Kung-Fu and others into one sport. In 1985, this became shootboxing. Competitions for kickboxing and related sports are now regularly held around the world.

How to train the sport of kickboxing?

There are similarities to boxing, Savate and Muay Thai. Kickboxing allows striking with the feet. Low kicks are forbidden, low kicks are allowed depending on the federation. The use of techniques to keep the opponent off balance is also regulated by association. As a general rule, hitting the back is prohibited and hitting an opponent who is lying on the ground is no longer allowed.

The courses are usually held in gyms under the guidance of experienced kickboxers. Although the sport is played by both sexes, men still clearly outnumber women. Since the 1990s, however, women have been on the rise, reporting their successes in their blogs. Both sexes can train towards the acquisition of different colored belts (yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black). The black is the first master belt.

What are the requirements for the sport of kickboxing?

The costs are manageable both in terms of the course costs and the expenses for the equipment. Clothing usually consists of a shirt and pants or shorts. Boxing is usually barefoot; those who do not want or cannot do this must have gymnastic or mat shoes. Boxing gloves and mouth guard are also necessary, bandages and oils complete the equipment.

What does the sport do for the individual?

Experienced kickboxers point out that the fascination is in the body control. However, the sport is also associated with a high risk of injury. It is therefore more likely that younger people will be interested in it. Kickboxing is also not the weight loss workout for everyone. However, since it is very strenuous, it can help regulate weight.



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