An individual NFT strategy you as an artist

In less than 30 days we strengthen your community with an individual NFT strategy, help you with monetization and take over 100% of the processing, all the technical stuff and the entire economic risk.

Why does an NFT strategy make sense for you as an artist?

As an artist you live from your fans, the more you do for your fans, the more they carry you through all times. NFTs are something like the ultimate fan function.

What is it like without NFTs?

Without NFTs, you always get to the point that your fans “have to” buy something for everything to make sense.

Whether it’s a concert ticket, a painting, a sculpture or participation in a stage performance. At some point, money must flow or the products advertised via advertising.

On the classic path – without NFTs – it is always a classic business in the end, just one with more emotions.

What does an NFT strategy change?

With NFTs, this classic “transactional base” is changing to the community that every artist wants.

Because through the NFTs, your fans become real parts of the community with digitally vested rights. Therefore, a good strategy can always be set up so that your most loyal fans get the most value, and that value becomes a tradable right in the form of the NFT.

Your fans themselves will benefit from strengthening your brand, becoming ambassadors, telling everyone about it and making a better and more authentic promotion for your community. Such an authentic recommendation is much more valuable than classic advertising.

In the future, the NFTs will be a tool for you to give more value back to your own fans and at the same time gain economic and community strength.

Does it make sense to start now?

Absolutely, the technology is still young, so it’s currently being used by innovative artists and early adopters. Therefore, by using the opportunities, you as an artist are showing that you are thinking about how you can deliver more value to your community and are open to exploring new avenues. After all, that’s exactly what you expect from an artist.

Another advantage of the early start is that your fans still forgive you mistakes and are still happy about the innovation and the experiment. In a few years, the expectation is that this will be there, that it will be perfect, and the innovation will have to be in other areas in addition.

Is it complicated and is it expensive?

Theoretically yes, practically no. If you have never dealt with it before, of course there will be effort. From strategy to technology, everything costs time, energy and money. Additionally, there is always a realistic risk that something will go wrong the first time you do something in a new area.

Therefore, it is absolutely understandable that you may have already noticed something of the whole topic on the sidelines, but are not yet in the implementation.

Why should we implement this together?

That’s where we come in. We develop a strategy, set up the technology, provide marketing support and pre-finance everything and work exclusively on a success basis. You as an artist just have to feel like actually delivering value to your fans. We will organize the rest together with you.

You don’t bear any economic risk, you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff and you simply deliver what you do best, creative added value for your fans.

What is the procedure?

The first thing we should do is talk to each other on the phone. You explain to us what you do, what your wishes are, what you stand for, etc.. Then we take a look at your current social media profiles and discuss what possibilities there are.

Subsequently, we jointly define the strategy, discuss the key economic data and organize the launch.

Surely there will be some questions from your side that have not been answered on this page yet, let’s just discuss it all on the phone and then plan the next steps.

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