Receive additional donations through our charity NFTs

You represent an organization dedicated to a “good cause”? Then talk to us about how we can raise additional funds for the good cause by means of your own NFT dedicated to your organization.

Why does a charity NFT make sense to you?

Our charity NFTs make it very easy for customers to give money to a good cause in a quick way.

At the same time, we have the opportunity to “top up” the NFTs with other added values, so that the customers themselves can still benefit and support a good cause at the same time.

The simplicity and additional benefits for customers significantly increases the likelihood that customers will book this NFT.

What is it like without NFTs?

Without NFTs, you’re painstakingly raising funds and running again and again to get the capital you need for your good cause.

What does a charity NFT change?

With your own charity NFT, you get an additional channel through which people can do something good for your organization.

In addition, we advertise your organization with us so that more people become aware of you and your cause.

Since the buyers of NFTs are very dynamic and innovative customers, this way you will see more people in the future who might be additionally interested in supporting your organization.

Does it make sense to start now?

Absolutely, the technology is still young, so you get extra attention from this approach. This alone can make people choose to do something for your organization.

With use you also show innovative customers your fun to go new ways and give innovative people the feeling that it is worthwhile to work with you, because so you arouse the feeling that you find creative solutions. This always raises the hope that you will also work in a solution-oriented way in everyday life and thus, in the sense of your good purpose, the organization will achieve a lot.

A Perfect Match.

Is it complicated and is it expensive?

Theoretically yes, practically no. If you have never dealt with it before, of course there will be effort. From strategy to technology, everything costs time, energy and money. Additionally, there is always a realistic risk that something will go wrong the first time you do something in a new area.

Therefore, it is absolutely understandable that you may have already noticed something of the whole topic on the sidelines, but are not yet in the implementation.

Why should we implement this together?

That’s where we come in. We create a charity NFT that we dedicate to your organization. We develop a strategy, set up the technology, assist in marketing and finance everything, take care of proper accounting and pay out to you / your organization. You just have to introduce us to your organization. We will organize the rest together with you.

You don’t bear any economic risk, you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff and you just follow the good purpose of your organization.

Whether that’s fishing plastic out of the ocean or doing youth work, we’re happy to get to know you and your organization, and we’re happy to make your job easier.

What is the procedure?

The first thing we should do is talk to each other on the phone. You explain to us what you do, what your wishes are, what you stand for, etc.. Then we will see how we can best set up a charity NFT dedicated to you.

Subsequently, we jointly define the strategy, discuss the key economic data and organize the launch.

Surely there will be some questions from your side that have not been answered on this page yet, let’s just discuss it all on the phone and then plan the next steps.

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