Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions


We offer you various artworks that are either made and licensed by artists or created by AI.

No. We usually offer only very limited editions. For example, there are editions of 10 or 100. When all are sold, the artwork is no longer offered.

Wallet & Polygon & NFT

We recommend you the MetaMask wallet.

We offer all NFTs in the polygon chain.

This is extremely inexpensive and fast.


Definitely no! We put a lot of effort into offering art in limited editions and providing additional added value. Both dramatically increase the probability of a good price development. However, there is of course no guarantee what another buyer is willing to pay you in the future.

If you buy an NFT that you like as a piece of art, enjoy the art and it has always made sense because you bought something that is valuable to you.

If there is additional value associated with it that is also valuable to you, then you can ensure that it is a good deal for you from the start.

The second sale price then comes if necessary. simply added as a bonus.

Added value

Owning one of our NFTs may qualify you for additional added value. These can be vouchers for restaurants, meet & greets or much more.

We always send a message via our newsletter, in which you will then find out the exact procedure for the individual offer.

A clear “YES”, the right to the added values is linked to the possession of the respective NFT. So if you buy an NFT here and keep it, you have the appropriate right. If you resell it, the new owner gets the right.

This makes the NFT ggfs. also valuable for resale.


First of all, you need a polygon wallet. Our recommendation is the free MetaMask.

You order your NFT normally, like in an online store. You can pay with all standard payment methods, alternatively you can pay with Crypto as you like.

On the order page (checkout), enter your Polygon Wallet address where you want us to ship to.

The exact time always varies somewhat, depending on the utilization of the chain.

The actual processing takes about 2 minutes.

Until enough confirmations have taken place in the blockchain and you can access your NFT, it usually takes about an hour.

If you don’t have your NFT after 4 hours, feel free to send us a message and we will investigate the transaction.

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