Attracting innovative customers as a value-added partner

We integrate your products or services as added value for the holders of our NFTs. This way you are in the shop window and will be seen by innovative customers. The economic risk is 100% with us, you can only win.

Why does an NFT strategy make sense to you?

NFTs are something like the ultimate form of tradable rights. Being seen by customers who already have NFTs puts you in the shop window in front of influencers and innovative thinkers. Something every company can only benefit from.

What is it like without NFTs?

Without NFTs you are doing classic advertising and trying to convince people with a lot of effort.

What changes as a result of the value-added partner status?

As a value-added partner, our customers can access high-quality added value from your range of products or services. Whether it’s a special event, a discount, an exclusive product or a behind-the-scenes look.

We will find the variant that makes sense for you and for our NFT holders and represents the best added value for both of you.

In this way, new customers will constantly come into contact with you and your brand in the future, who will appreciate this exclusive right and look forward to diving deeper into your brand world.

At the same time, these customers are much more dynamic and innovative than the average. Those who adapt a new technology early on enjoy progress and innovation. You would certainly like to work with these customers in the future.

Does it make sense to start now?

Absolutely, the technology is still young, so this innovative character rubs off on you and your company. With use you also show innovative customers your fun to go new ways.

A Perfect Match.

Another advantage of the early start is that customers still forgive you small bumps and are still happy about the innovation and the experiment. In a few years, the expectation is that there is, that it’s already perfect. Then you have to produce the innovative part elsewhere and at the same time you have a much more expensive setup effort for the NFT strategy.

Is it complicated and is it expensive?

Theoretically yes, practically no. If you have never dealt with it before, of course there will be effort. From strategy to technology, everything costs time, energy and money. Additionally, there is always a realistic risk that something will go wrong the first time you do something in a new area.

Therefore, it is absolutely understandable that you may have already noticed something of the whole topic on the sidelines, but are not yet in the implementation.

Why should we implement this together?

That’s where we come in. We integrate your services into our NFTs. We develop a strategy, set up the technology, provide marketing support and pre-finance everything and work exclusively on a success basis. You just have to have a desire to actually deliver value to Holder. We will organize the rest together with you.

You don’t bear any economic risk, you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff and you simply deliver what you do best, added value for customers.

What is the procedure?

The first thing we should do is talk to each other on the phone. You explain to us what you do, what your wishes are, what you stand for, etc.. Then we will see how we can best integrate you.

Subsequently, we jointly define the strategy, discuss the key economic data and organize the launch.

Surely there will be some questions from your side that have not been answered on this page yet, let’s just discuss it all on the phone and then plan the next steps.

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